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Are Hostels Safe? And we mean: Really safe? This is a collection of 13 safety tips so you can travel without fear.

So, we are assuming you concerned about the safety in a hostel?

In this guide we will share how you and your belongings can remain safe while enjoying the time of your life.

Well, first of all, you are not alone with this doubt. The question about the safety situation is quite a popular one. Even among experienced travelers, it is always important to keep your shield up.

Whether you are in a hostel in Europe, in Thailand, somewhere in South America or Africa; the question goes for all hostels:


We love to introduce you to the world of hostels. Although we clearly love the concept of hosteling, we will give you (as always) our honest and transparent view.

This article is part of …

I love hostels and have stayed in hundreds of them around the world. Hostels are inexpensive places to stay, but they’re also so much more than that. They can truly be a home away from home, as well as places where you can connect with interesting people from around the world.

Hostels are an essential part of how I travel, and I always want to tell new travellers to give them a try. That said, your impressions will surely depend a lot on what type of hostel you stay in as well as your expectations of what they provide.

It’s not a silly question!

The answer to this depends, as there are essentially two types of hostels. At least, these are two styles of hostels that I’ve generally come across.

Traditional ‘youth hostels’. These are meant mostly for students or young people and are …

If you’re heading out on a trip anytime soon and hoping to spend as little money as possible, you’ll most likely be planning on spending some time in hostels. If you’ve never stayed in one before, the prospect of them can be a little daunting. Never fear!

This article covers everything you could possibly need to know about what hostels are like, what to expect from them, and how they work.

What Is a Hostel?

Hostels are a cheap way to lodge safely with like-minded travelers around the world. Hostels usually feature security, social life, showers, and rooms with multiple bunks. Some hostels are bare bones beds and baths at $5 per night; some are almost luxurious. You can find them in most countries around the world, and they’re almost always the cheapest accommodation option available to you as you travel.

The People Who Stay in Hostels

People young …

Do I have to share a room?

While most hostels do have private rooms, staying in a shared dorm is your best bet if you want to meet other travelers and make your travel budget go further.

How is a hostel different from a hotel or a house rental?

Hostels are more than just a place to stay. They’re a place where people come together. They’re where you stay when you want to meet people, share unique and interesting experiences, learn about different cultures, and feel like you’re part of the local community.

Are hostels like the movie?

We get this question All. The. Time. No, staying in a hostel is not like the movie. Is flying like Snakes on a Plane? Didn’t think so.

Can I stay in a hostel by myself or do I have to be with a group?

We welcome all kinds of travelers at …