Chastity devices have been around for quite a while, and there are so many different ways you can use them. Here, we will go through several possible scenarios, reasons why people use them, and how you can have fun while wearing one of these sex toys.

Reasons for Wearing a Male Chastity

There are numerous reasons for wearing male chastity. This device or sex toy has been rather popular among the BDSM community since it is a perfect way of asserting dominance. The submissive person will be “forced” to wear a male chastity cage or a belt, and they won’t be able to experience stimulation or have sex. These sex toys play an important role for couples who are into a power play or are in the dom/sub relationship.

But BDSM isn’t the only place where you might find these devices. Some people have restraint fetish, similarly to tease and denial. Others opt to wear a chastity device to prevent themselves from masturbating. Recently, many participated in no-fap challenges where they had to endure a whole month without masturbating. For some, this is an easy challenge, but others had to seek assistance from a cock cage.

In the end, it all comes down to pleasure. People who wear chastity devices enjoy the feeling that comes with it. Whether they enjoy being submissive, controlled, or weight on their genitals, the ultimate goal is always pleasure. Some people enjoy wearing a cage so much that they wear it long-term. Of course, you will have to take it off for hygiene occasionally.

Why Setting Some Rules Is Important When It Comes to Chastity Play

Wearing a cage or chastity, in general, is never forced. No one is going to show up in your apartment and lock your genitals. It is all part of the play, and people enjoy being denied or locked. So setting some rules is one of the essential parts of chastity play.

If you want your partner to submit fully, they will need to have a reason for it. Sometimes, a bet is enough to make them do it. But for long-term play, that isn’t a good option. Most couples practicing chastity have rewards. For example, the sub can masturbate on a certain date or time, or whatever the couple agrees on. Another option is the so-called honor system. That means that the submissive person won’t even wear a device — the whole thing will be based on trust.

House Chores Point System

A great way to make everything more exciting is to add a scoring system. Now, there are no rules for the point system. You can change or adapt the game in any way you see fit. One of the examples is a house chores point system. The locked person will have to do chores for a time, usually while being locked up.

For every house chore they complete, they will receive points. The couple will decide how much each chore is worth, and the wearer of the device will try to finish as many as they can. At one point, the dominant person will check the points, and the sub will receive a reward based on performance.

Days in Chastity

One of the essential parts of BDSM is determining the number of days the person will be in chastity. Beginners and those inexperienced shouldn’t aim for longer sessions. They should start slow until they are ready to lock themselves up for an extended period. Staying in chastity for longer period can be really challenging, that is why you must choose high-quality chastity cages like those you can find here.

Now, it is of utmost importance to remember that chastity play should be voluntary. The person wearing the cage will have to take it off at least once or twice a week to ensure that everything is clean and healthy.

Completing a Task List

Similarly to how you can add a chore list for points, the couple can also create a list of tasks the wearer has (or is willing) to complete before they are allowed to remove the cage. Being locked can be fun, but adding a list of tasks can add a special thrill and flavor to the relationship and the whole chastity act.

The items on the list will, of course, vary based on the couples’ preferences, wishes, and desires. It is one of the great ways to inform the keyholder of the things you’re willing to do so that they will know what to expect.

Participating in Chastity Challenges Like Locktober

We already briefly mentioned these challenges, and “Locktober” is one of the most popular ones. What is interesting about these is that they aren’t reserved for the BDSM community. While chastity play is part of Dom/Sub or power play, these challenges are something you can try out even on your own.

But even if you are in a relationship, it might give you a different and unique perspective on your significant other. If you lock yourself for an entire month, you’ll be able to perceive your entire relationship in a different, way with sex being off the table.

Goal Rewards

If you are having trouble focusing on a certain goal, wearing a chastity device can be a great motivator. One of the ways male chastity play can help here is by setting a goal, and the wearer will be able to remove the cage only after achieving it.

These goals can be nearly anything you can imagine. If you are having a problem with losing weight, you can set yourself a weight goal, and stay in the chastity belt until you reach it. Another great example is saving money or creating healthier habits. The person will have to stay in the device, and they won’t be able to masturbate or have sex until they make the desired change.