After living from one hostel to another around the world, Gianni Anglo finally settled in and decided to build his own hostel – Spike and Earl. He thinks that hostel living is unparalelled and many travellers who stay at hostels can relate.

If you want to meet people from different countries with diffirent cultures and personality, then you should be brave enough to meet them, and that includes sharing a roof with them. Trust us when we say that one of the most humbling experiences is being connected with the people of the world. You will learn a lot from them and you will feel that you are part of this whole family. It’s the connection that hostel-living offers that make people come back. It’s the new found friendship. It’s the stories. Everything you need, you will find in a hostel.

These are the stories that you can expect to read from this website. It’s from one hostel traveller to another. Many people will be able to relate. While many people will find courage to finally ditch their fancy hotel rooms for an amazing experience with backpackers.

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